About Us
Compass ISN is a company specializing in the development of advanced internet systems including the design and implementation of interactive web sites. We also create software for PCs and handhelds as well as cross-platform applications in Java.
In order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive service, we offer a complete array of hosting and other ISP options, as well as assistance in the configuration and maintenance of Linux/BSD servers. The company was established in 1997 in response to the rapidly growing internet market in Poland. Our headquarters (office + servers) are physically located in Cracow, however the nature of our business, combined with the well developed marketing infrastructure, allows as to reach customers in all of Poland. Big corporate clients are not the only recipients of our services. In fact, just recently we developed a separate portal, named CompassNet (www.cnet.pl) targeting small firms and individual clients. This new service allows our end users to activate new e-mail accounts or web sites and manage their numerous features in a fully automated manner.

Compass ISN is now a licensed contractor for the Phare Program. Several projects co-funded by Phare are already under way, many more are being negotiated.
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